Anton was born in Ukraine and grew up there. Throughout his life Anton was passionate about different kinds of sports where he could express himself through body movements from martial arts to aggressive inline skating. But only when he encountered dances did he realize his real passion. He discovered Forró for the first time in Germany in 2015 where he started his classes with Jadu Pasqualini. Since that time he became a constant participant of Forró workshops around Europe learning from different teachers and developing his own style. When he moved to Vienna in 2016 he started to develop a Forró scene there. Since recent time he also started teaching classes in Vienna to introduce beginners into the world of Forró dancing and share his passion to this dance.

Bruno was born in Rio de Janeiro and is known as teacher, dancer and choreographer. He has begun his journey in 2008 where he started to learn all the Brazilian ballroom dances. He has been practicing Forró since 2009 both inside and outside of Rio de Janeiro and is qualified by the dance school of Alex de Carvalho. Bruno added a joyful style with a lot of energy to Forró and so created his own style. For nearly 5 years now he tours all over Europe. His main goal is to spread Forró all around with fantastic performances and an endless sympathy, conquering more and more places in the world for the sake of Forró.

So far he already took part in more than 60 festivals as a teacher as well as congresses and workshops. Bruno also teaches Samba de Gafieira and Zouk. Currently he is living in Germany.

Forró as music has always been part of Dedé's life since his childhood. In 2016 he rediscovered his passion for Forró in Kaiserslautern where he started teaching and creating a community. Since then his goal has been to spread his passion and build a warm and connected community. Currently, he is developing the Forró community in Frankfurt with Doidinh@s por Forró. In addition, he had the honor of teaching several workshops in Brazil, Israel and Europe, and in festivals in Europe. Recently he has finished his training as a dance teacher which focused on Brazilian partner dances. His intense and passionate style of teaching became more structured and interactive. He focuses his work on techniques to improve the quality of dancing without leaving aside the extreme joy of dancing Forró.

Diana was born and raised in Düsseldorf and dances passionately since she's three years old. She works as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. She has been teaching styles like contemporary dance, modern dance, elementary dance and much more for 13 years now. 

Before, she also practiced ballet, cheerleading and Discodance and participated in many competitions. 

She became a dancer and choreographer of a dance theater ensemble in 2015 which produced successful performances throughout the past years. 

Diana studied sports and dance in Cologne and also finished a three year long dancer’s education.

Diana started dancing Forró in 2015. Since the beginning of 2017 she is teaching regular Forró classes and giving lady styling classes in Düsseldorf as well as at national and international Festivals all over the world. She also knows how to dance Zouk and Samba de Gafieira.

Because her love and passion for dance is so inspiring and important to her it is an honor for her to share this passion and her knowledge with other people.


Marilia - dancer, teacher and choreographer of ballroom dances has Forró as her main dance. She has won the Brazilian Forró Championship as well as awards in many national and international festivals, traveled to several countries around the world, has been in many TV shows and dance congresses throughout Brazil, and her last conquer was as best Forró teacher of Brazil in 2015 and 2016 (by Baila Mundo). Her research in ballroom dances and Brazilian folk dances led her to achieve a multicultural Forró dance, without prejudice, after all in her opinion Forró is the dance that most expresses the individuality and creativity of everyone and also the movement, essence and charm of women, so she is investing in the development of the follower's skills. Reaching the 11th year of Forró she could see along this way the importance of having a moment to really take care of the followers’ skills, their "rights and duties".  There are many important topics to learn, practice and develop - from body conscience and dance techniques to style, charm and personality without missing and/or controlling the succeeding skills inspired and thought by Sheila Santos, one of the biggest names in this regard. Marilia keeps studying and this last year she graduated from the formation course CARDAS. Now she is living in Lyon and is helping to develop the Forró scene even more together with the association "Forró em Lyon" as their partner, teacher and member.


Valéria is from Curitiba - Brazil. She started her career in ballroom dances in 2005 and has been working with different dance styles since then. In 2008 she started as a member of a dance company that focused more specifically on Brazilian ballroom and folk dances which enhanced her interest for Forró and Samba. After working in different dance schools in her home town she came to Austria where she currently works as a Forró and Samba de Gafieira teacher in the city of Graz.

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